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My first post

October 10, 2010

Hello to all.  This is my first post on any blog.  I have resisted blogging for years, but now think it will help my writing.  You can decide.

I am waiting for the Giants game to start (Game 3, NLDS).  I have World Series tickets, so how the Giants do will determine what I do at the end of October/start of November.  So, GO GIANTS!

In other action, Debra Saunders wrote an interesting column this morning’s San Francisco Chronicle about the US Senate race in California.  The article link is here:

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Whatever your opinion of the race, I thought Saunders’ article put Fiorina’s firings of HP employees in perspective.  Fiorina was faced with the decision to cut expenses now, or wait and have to do it later, when the number of firings would have been MUCH greater and/or HP would have failed as a company.  In contrast, government is inclined to resist making such decisions, and kick the down the road to “the future”.  Well, to quote Coach George Allen, “The Future is Now”.  Senator Boxer (and other incumbents) may find that out in November.

We, ta-ta for now, and please do comment.